Bee Line Coffee Co is an experiment in coffee roasting started by a couple motoring enthusiasts with a serious coffee habit. Like many of you, we love a good project: cars, bikes, buildings, you name it. If it requires some special tools and a bunch of work, we’re interested.

Coffee roasting, as it turns out, is an excellent project for guys like us. It requires cool specialized equipment, involves just enough science to make us feel clever, and we can share the results with all our friends (even the ones who find our other, motorized projects terribly boring).

Once we get an idea in mind we tend to run with it. Sometimes this results in a race car or a piece of furniture. In this case we ended up with a big coffee roaster, a warehouse, and several hundred lbs of coffee beans from all over the world.

The only sensible thing to do now is keep going! So we’re sourcing and roasting the best coffees we can find to share with all of you.