THE ROASTED TIRE – Honduras, La Paz, Natural


Since day one at BLCC, we’ve been sharing our coffees with the guys at The Smoking Tire and taking notes to zero in on their favorites. The Roasted Tire collection is the result. Because what’s better than making something great for your friends?

Our current roast is a fruity, natural process Honduran coffee with notes of cherry, lemon and honey. This is our second harvest selection from COMSA this year and the last we’ll be able to get our hands on before next spring.

This coffee comes to us from the COMSA co-op of La Paz, in the Marcala region. COMSA is an organic and fair-trade co-op of local Marcala farmers. The premium prices that their excellent crops command allow them to re-invest in their community through education initiatives and social projects. Great coffee supporting great causes? Sign us up.