Premium Brewing Starter Set



Porlex Coffee Grinder

The Porlex JP-30 Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder is our favorite grinder and is perfect for home or travel use. The ceramic conical burrs have a wide range that can grind beans for drip, pour-over, or french press.

  • Made in Japan
  • 30 gram capacity
  • Removable Handle
  • Stainless steel, static free body

Hario V60 Drip Scale and Timer

When brewing coffee it’s always best to measure your ground coffee by weight since measuring by volume or scoop is much less precise. Enter the Hario V60 Drip Scale and Timer – with measurements in 0.1 gram incremenets and a built in timer so you can get the perfect bloom times and pours with every brew.

  • Integrated Timer for complete and total control of your brewing
  • 0.1 gram precision
  • Uses 2 AAA batteries (included)
  • Made in China

Hario Buono V60 Kettle

The Hario Buono V60 Kettle is our favorite kettle for getting that perfect pour over brew. The stainless-steel and ergonomic design features a slender spout for slow and controlled pouring.

  • 1L Capacity
  • Stainless steel (It will match your DeLorean!)
  • Designed and built in Japan

Kalita Wave 185 Dripper + Filters

The Wave Series from Kalita is our favorite coffee dripper on the market. Engineered and made in Japan, the flat-bottom coffee bed geometry, patented “Wave” filter, and three-hole design work together to provide an even extraction that makes brewing a perfect cup accessible and easy. Comes with 100 Kalita filters to get you started!