OVERLAND: WEISS x BEE LINE – Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe 12 oz.


Our friends Cameron and Whitney Weiss are one of a very few watchmakers building high-quality, mechanical watches here in the US. This fall we’re roasting one of their favorite coffees in honor of their dedication to the craft and their impeccable taste in old cars.

You can catch them this Fall touring the country in their Series 2A Land Rover, sharing their craft (and maybe their coffee) in a city near you. Follow along and find lots more @weisswatchcompany.

This OVERLAND is from the Gedeb subregion of Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia: grown at high altitude, and dry processed in the traditional style. You can smell and taste the blueberry and lemon here, a hallmark of top quality Yirgacheffe.

Like our previous Overland roast, this coffee is naturally, or “dry” processed. This means the coffee is dried whole without first washing the bean from the cherry. This can impart an extra layer of flavor to the coffee, like barrel aging a wine or beer. We love naturally processed coffees, especially from Africa, where the methods still in use today are rooted in ancient traditions.

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