Current Roasts

Overland  is where you’ll find our ever-changing line-up of single origin African coffees.

We’ll feature beans from all over the continent that gave birth to our beloved beverage, lightly roasted to showcase all their unique and subtle flavors. Safari vibes always included.


Finca La Union represents the first of what we hope will be many excellent Colombian coffees sourced straight from the farm through a direct trade partnership.

This delicious Caturra varietal comes to us from Acevedo Huila, harvested from a single farm called La Union, where it is carefully tended by second generation coffee farmer Roman Pena.


Sapan Minanga is a subregion within the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. Coffees grown here are prized for their rich, full body and complex aromatics.

This bean does double duty as the base for our current Classic blend. As a single origin dark roast it’s a great example of the bold and unique flavors found in Indonesian coffees.


Classic Blend is the home of our featured blends. We take cues from the rich history of coffee blending to craft these fun modern interpretations.

The nuts and bolts of these blends change based on seasonal availabilty, but the results are consistent: a delicious medium roast coffee with full body and well balanced flavors. 


Slow Lane  is the home of our decaffeinated varieties. Like all our other offerings, Slow Lane changes with the seasons, but is always a medium roast that yields a smooth, relaxing cup.

All the beans we select for Slow Lane are decaffeinated through natural, chemical-free processes, resulting in coffees with great flavor but none of the caffeine kick.