Current Roasts

STREAMLINER is a unique, micro-lot coffee, cultivated and honey processed on the farm of Jose Franciso Aguilar in San Juanillo, Costa Rica.

The term “honey process” refers to a special drying method used to impart extra sweetness, clarity and depth of flavor to the beans. These coffees are a point of pride for the Costa Rican growers that developed and specialize in this process.


FLAT TRACK is our signature dark roast: subtle as a steel shoe.

Our latest tune is an indigenous Sumatran bean called “Adsenia”, grown at high altitude in the northern mountains of the island. It makes for a rich, syrupy cup with bold flavors like chocolate, licorice and cedar. Your father would be proud.


Classic Blend is the home of our featured blends. We take cues from the rich history of coffee blending to craft these fun modern interpretations.

The nuts and bolts of these blends change based on seasonal availabilty, but the results are consistent: a delicious medium roast coffee with full body and well balanced flavors.


LA UNION represents the first of what we hope will be many excellent Colombian coffees sourced straight from the farm through direct trade partnership.

This Caturra varietal comes to us from Acevedo Huila, harvested from a single farm called La Union, where it is carefully tended by second generation coffee farmer Roman Pena.


OVERLAND is where you’ll find our latest selection of single origin African coffees.

This fall, we’re proud to share an extra special Overland roast with you in collaboration with our friends at Weiss Watch Company in Los Angeles, CA. Carrying the torch of fine American watchmaking is no small task, so we’re roasting this Yirgacheffe just how they like it to help keep their awesome workshop running, full steam ahead. 

P.S. That’s Cameron and Whitney’s Series 2A Rover on the bag. Yeah, they really are that cool.