Turner Motorsport Gift Set: M6 GT3 Mug + Bee Line Coffee Co. Enduro Blend

Turner Motorsport Gift Set
M6 GT3 Mug + Bee Line Coffee Co. Enduro Blend

This season we are proud to offer a limited release blend in honor of Turner Motorsport’s championship-winning BMW racing program.

The TMS Enduro Blend combines select African, Central American, and Indonesian coffees to deliver a well-balanced cup you can enjoy from dawn to dusk (and dawn again at Daytona!).

Tasting notes include caramel, dark fruit, and cocoa. Every order is roasted in small batches and shipped directly to ensure best quality and freshness.

Ready for Launch!

We’ve been working hard all Spring here at Bee Line Coffee to get ready for the year ahead! We’ve got a lot of exciting stuff in the works and can’t wait to share it with all of you.

This week, we’re wrapping up a few things on the site before I take to social media and start making some noise. We’re all a little anxious to get started and meet some new people and do all the fun things. Before what I hope is all of the craziness to come, I wanted to drop in here for a minute to say a little something about our team.

Bee Line Coffee is 100% scratch built by a handful of friends working a lot of overtime to make this all possible.

What is Bee Line Coffee Co?

Bee Line Coffee Co is an experiment in coffee roasting started by a couple motoring enthusiasts with a serious coffee habit. Like many of you, we love a good project: cars, bikes, buildings, you name it. If it requires some special tools and a bunch of work, we’re interested.

Coffee roasting, as it turns out, is an excellent project for guys like us. It requires cool specialized equipment, involves just enough science to make us feel clever, and we can share the results with all our friends (even the ones who find our other, motorized projects terribly boring).

Once we get an idea in mind we tend to run with it. Sometimes this results in a race car or a piece of furniture. In this case we ended up with a big coffee roaster, a warehouse, and several hundred lbs of coffee beans from all over the world.

The only sensible thing to do now is keep going! So we’re sourcing and roasting the best coffees we can find to share with all of you.